Friday, September 28, 2012

Greeting and Hello!

Hello! My name is David Dennis and for the next ten months this blog will serve as my medium for communication with the U.S. and the greater world beyond! I will spend the next ten months in Jakarta, Indonesia as an exchange Student with the United States Department of States YES Abroad Program. The YES Program was founded as an Government sponsored exchange program between the United States and countries with a significant population of Islamic citizens in 2001 in order to bring students to the US tohelp bridge the growing gap between the two worlds. In 2007 the YES Abroad Program was founded to send US students abroad to these same countries! (To learn more about the YES & YES Abroad Countries go to or click the YES & YES Abroad Tab). In this years YES ABROAD batch there are 53 Students traveling to 9 different countries, with 8 of those being in Indonesia! on our journey we will live with a host family, attend high school, and go about all the other business that consists of living in a country! I invite you all to follow my journey and will try to be diligent in its up keep as I progress in its learning! Look forward to an update detailing Our arrival orientation and the first week coming soon!

Wishing You All The Best From Jakarta,

David M. Dennis

The 8 YES and 9 International AFS Exchange Students!

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