Sunday, January 20, 2013


On December 1 2012, we said goodbye to our dear friend Morgan Lide for our final time here in Indonesia. Morgan was a dear friend and a part of our YES and AFS family here in Indonesia. I knew Morgan for but a brief period of time compared to others, but during that time we embarked on a life changing adventure and grew to become a YES Family. Whenever I was with or talked with Morgan she ever made me smile and exhibited a true sense of caring for everyone and everything. During her time here in Indonesia, Morgan used this spirit to make waves throughout her community and beyond that still continue on even though she has gone. It is still hard to think that we won't meet again here in Indonesia for more adventures to come or when our time here comes to an end embark together. But in reality, she is still here with us, and will continue to be for the rest of our time here and the great journey of life that is beyond. Morgan lives within our hearts and thoughts and whenever we find ourselves struggling, thoughts of her push us to bigger and greater heights. Thank you for your friendship Morgan, and thank you for your undying spirit and light, You are missed dearly by those of us here.

Selamat Jalan dear Morgan, until our paths should happen to cross again

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